Walter Williams (also known as "The Blackmailer") is the 19th elusive target in HITMAN™. He appeared in the mission The Showstopper.


Williams is an up-and-coming supermodel. He combines a dangerous charisma with exceptional good looks, and he has left a wake of financially ruined former lovers in his wake. His particular modus operandi is to target and seduce wealthy businesswomen and then obtain highly compromising material on them. He then leverages this to sustain a highly comfortable lifestyle until he either tires or the money runs out.


  • Walter can be heard considering targeting Jessica Highmoore, the sister of the late girlfriend of target Jordan Cross.
  • According to his dialogue, Walter is currently blackmailing a successful lawyer with unspecified photos of the two of them and a Thai woman. Possibly they had a threesome recently.
  • During one of Williams' rounds around the palace, he will respond to the bystanders praise of Helmut Kruger by insulting Kruger. The conversation will then end prematurely.
  • Walter was the first elusive target available in the physical version of the game, explaining his longer availability (10 days).
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