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Wang Fou Restaurant (王福飯店) is a location in Hong Kong. It appears in Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant, The Wang Fou Incident and The Lee Hong Assassination missions.

The restaurant has a brothel and connects to Lee Hong's home.

Restaurant Area

The 1st floor is a public area. It has a bathroom, dining tables, and a bar. There is a circular dining room reserved for certain guests for various reasons. Such as negotiations and Lee Hong himself, who is the owner. There is a kitchen on the right of side of the building where chefs cook food.

The 2nd floor is also public, but sometimes restricted. The guards quarters are located up here as-well as a safe. This floor supports dining tables and also access to the brothel, Lee Hong's home, and the basement section.

The basement is where storage is kept. It also has a sewer running through it. There are stairs that provide easy access to the 2nd and 1st floor. The stairs are also used by chefs.


The brothel has rooms and a safe. Security is lowest here, as there shouldn't be much trouble.


This is Lee Hong's home. It has two floors, both of which are nearly deserted. Security is tightest around here. Outside the mansion, only one guard patrols however.


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