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Dr. Warren Ashford was a bio-engineer working for Dexter Industries, who was heavily involved in Dexter's research on Victoria. He was killed by Agent 47 to ensure that the project that produced Victoria (similar to the one that produced him) was terminated, and all evidence of it destroyed. After killing Ashford, 47 shut down all power to his mainframe, wiping his research record.


Outwardly, Dr. Ashford is a happily married family man and pillar of the community. However, he is also ruthless in his pursuits at work as a bio-engineer. A long-time employee of Dexter Industries, he is responsible for turning Dexter's bodyguard Sanchez into the muscular giant he is as a result of an experiment with a "super-soldier" serum in 1986. At the time of Absolution, he is the one in charge of examining Victoria. Though he is described as being ruthless in his research, his video log suggests that his main interest is scientific progress rather than money and that he is critical of Dexter for being so greedy.



  • Though the briefing lists his first name as Warren, his in-game portrait lists it as Edward. His name may have been changed during development to avoid confusion with the Resident Evil character Edward Ashford, likewise a weapons researcher.  
  • Ashford's voice is noticeably different in Death Factory than his first appearance in End of the Road.