Wen Ts'ai (also known as "The Food Critic") is the 17th elusive target in the 2016 release HITMAN™. He appeared in the mission Club 27 from December 30th 2016 to January 6th 2017. He reappeared on June 15th 2018 - June 25th 2018


"Wen Ts'ai is a food critic infamous across the Pacific Rim, and beyond. He is urbane, cultured and has a dedication to epicurean perfection that is unmatched. He travels the world, sampling the finest cuisine and writing about it on his much-followed foodie blog, and in various lifestyle media programs.

He prides himself on being above such crass specifics as "texture" and "flavour". Instead, he applies himself to the experience as a whole and does not dirty his pallete with plebian things.

His ongoing crusade against "the peddlers of filthy degustation" has earned him a wide following that delights in his biting wit and cruel attention to detail.

During a restaurant visit in Shanghai, he livestreamed an extended diatribe triggered by his ur-glacial water being 2 degrees overchilled (as measured by his trademark IR thermometer). In Aukland he spent an hour berating the kitchen staff for failing to coordinate the colour of his foraged Sicilian truffles to the plate they were served on. In Tokyo he dedicated an entire weekend to meticulously deconstructing every menu item at Kabi Lounge.

He maintains a strict and well managed regime of nutrient consumption to ensure a sufficient calorie intake, and thus avoids "base needs". As such he has never actually tasted any of the food he has so meticulously critiqued."
― In-Game Briefing


  • According to this Elusive Target's trailer, the contract on Ts'ai has been issued by the partner of a Singaporean chef who committed suicide after Ts'ai gave them a scathing review for the above mentioned ice water incident (which in the bio is actually stated to have happened in Shanghai).
  • Among the testimonials about Ts'ai's blog shown in the target trailer is an angry statement by previous Elusive Target Gabriel Santos.


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