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Xander Haverfoek (also known as "The Fixer") was the 11th Elusive Target in HITMAN™. He first appeared in Marrakesh in the A Gilded Cage mission, from October 12th, 2016 to October 21st, 2016. He then reappeared from April 6th, 2018 to April 16th, 2018.

He was later reactivated as the penultimate legacy elusive target of HITMAN™ 2, appearing from November 22nd, 2019 to December 2nd, 2019.


The target is Xander Haverfoek, a dual citizen of Thailand and the Netherlands. He has an extended history as "The Fixer" for Claus Hugo Strandberg, specializing in dealing with issues that the banker does not wish to involve himself in.

The client indicates that Strandberg as acquired a package of conflict diamonds, and he plans to move them out of Marrakesh. Given that he is now unable to travel the streets of Marrakesh on his own, he will have to use his fixer to hand the diamonds over to a courier somewhere in the city's marketplace. The target is a skilled covert operator and is unlikely to be simply carrying the diamonds himself. The ICA expects, therefore, that he will meet a courier and arrange a covert handoff in the city at some point during the day.

The contract requires both that the diamonds are retrieved and the target eliminated. Make sure to discover the location of the diamonds before moving on to the target.
― Target Intel


  • According to IO Interactive, this elusive contract in the first playthrough had the lowest success rate in HITMAN™ with only 23% of players successfully completing the mission. This is due to the contract having several instant fail conditions concerning the contract's secondary objective, which is tracking the courier and retrieving the diamonds before the meeting.
  • The target seems to be connected to Vito Đurić, considering they are involved in a diamond conflict in Zimbabwe.
  • As with other Elusive Target contracts that take place in the A Gilded Cage mission, the contract's canonicity is put into question. The contract takes place during Strandberg's occupation of the Swedish consulate - the same day of his own assassination. The elimination of Xander Haverfoek - as well as both The Angel of Death and The Gunrunner - would have had to taken place directly before the events of A Gilded Cage, or at least concurrent to them.
  • Xander was originally intended to be the final legacy elusive target in HITMAN™ 2. This ended up not being the case, as The Chef was reactivated not soon after.