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Yurishka is a former KGB Agent and a mole working with the small 'army' assigned to protect Sergei Bjarkhov.


He was sent to work for Commander Bjarkhov as a cook to devise a way to destroy Bjharkov's submarine. When Agent 47 arrived, Yurishka informed him about destroying the submarine and giving him the location of a radiation suit and bombs (if 47 chooses to talk to him).


He is a typical Russian man, with a thick beard and tall appearance. He is seen wearing a warm sweater and an ushanka hat.



  • It's not technically necessary to speak to Yurishka to finish the mission, but doing so will mark the weak spots of the submarine as POIs and make that part of the mission easier.
  • He apparently dislikes Germans, saying "Stupid Germans" when Fabian ordered borsch soup (in spite of Fuchs being Austrian).
  • When 47 exits the plane, the double doors ahead of him on his left house the kitchen is, where Yurishka is located.