The Zug TMP is a sub machine gun used by Edward Wade's henchmen at the Rosewood Orphanage.


"The Zug TMP is an extremely compact SMG with an impressive rate of fire. The weapon's size and caliber round makes it possible to effectively use two at once."

Based upon the real-world Brügger & Thomet AG SPP. This machine pistol is chambered for 9mm and has a 30-round magazine, it appears to be a variation of the TMP from Blood Money. In-game, its the one of the few automatic weapons can be duel-wielded. Despite this, the duel wielded TMP generates a lot of recoil and the weapon will be a bullethose, not ideal for stealthy players.


  • Rosewood: On the stretcher immediately after entering the basement, carried by Wade's henchmen as well.
  • Fight Night: In the locked weapons room.